CATIA V5 Bottle Mold Design

To celebrate my birthday and receiving 100000th visitor today. I will spend my time writing this tutorial that I promised a long time ago. Today I will try to create a 2 parts mold of bottle for plastic blow molding process. I will use the same bottle that was made in the last tutorial.

The first thing we'll going to do is to create a new PRODUCT.
Go the the Core & Cavity Design Workbench (Start > Mechanical Design > Core & Cavity Design).
This will create a new part in the created product.

Import the bottle part from the last tutorial using the Import Model function (Insert > Models > Import).
Choose the xy-plane as reference and use 1.02 expansion ratio.

The imported part will be 2 percent larger than the original.

Then go to the Generative Shape Design Workbench (Start > Shape > Generative Shape Design).
Change the color of the bottle shape (Scaling.1) in the Product tree to other color than the standard color.

Next, use the Extract tool on the Operations Toolbar (or Insert > Operations > Extract) to create only outer surface. Use Tangent continuity in the Extract dialogue box and select the outer surface of the bottle. This step need to be repeated to include the bottle thread surface.

Then Join (Insert > Operations > Join) all the newly created surfaces to make it 1 surface.

After completed the Join process. We are going to split the surface profile into 2 parts. Use the Split function (Next to the Join button in the Operations Toolbar or Insert > Operations > Split. Use the following parameters in the Split Operation dialog box.

Then create new planes using on the bottle opening just as shown in the picture. Use Create new planes feature. Firstly I made a plane on normal to the bottle opening curve. Then created a line to be an axis when making the second plane which is normal to the first plane.

Then by using the Skether tool on the second plane. Create a box as shown in the picture.

Then use Fill function to create a surface from the profile.

Then create some other surfaces surrounding the bottle surface.

Make a half circle using the following parameters.

Then cut the rectangular surface using the circle.

Now Join all the surfaces together.

Now we fill all the space with the Close Surface function.

The completed half-mold.

In the end I finally realized this product cannot be made as a complete part because I had made a crucial mistake at the start. I should have inserted a Geometrical Set and create all the shapes and surfaces on in instead of importing the original part only.
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Just wanted to say your tutorials are great - very easy to understand with lots of helpful pictures! Keep up the good work.


thanks for the tutorial


hi there, i am having trouble joining my drawing together. my drawing seems to have multiple bodies. i am drawing a prototype of an engine piston.

how do i join them together?